Live in Concert Kishori Amonkar (Classical Vocal) (Audio CD)

Item Code: IZZ709
Kishori AmonkarSaregama India Ltd. (2011)
From the CD
Artist : Kishori Amonkar
Harmonium: Appa Jalgaonkar
Tabla: Sudhakkar Ramnathkar
Tanpura: Maya Upadhyee and Nandini Panshikar
Lyrical Composition: Bhoop, Bhina Shadja by Kishori Amonkar
Recording Engineer: Daman Sood
Catlogue No : CDNF 150021
Format: Audio CD

About the CD

Padma Vibhushan Gaansaraswati Kishori Amonkar the doyenne of the Jaipur Atrauli Gharana is a rare blend of tradition, imagination, and creativity. She inheritates music from her mother and Guru the legendary artiste Gaantapaswini Mogubai Kurdikar. An emotive artiste, her voice is full of Bhava [feeling]. Her deep involvement and total commitment for Hindustani Music, her continuous search for innovations and improvements her urge to imbibe the subtleties of other Gharans and her monumental voice make her an unique artiste. Her gayakee is a combination of intelligence and aesthetic sense with distant feminine touch. She is highly acclaimed and looked as a role model by the present generation of artistes.


1.Raga - Bhoop
Khayal Vilambit Teentaal"Prathama Sur Saadhe"
2.Raga - Bhoop
Khayal Drut Teentaal"Jabse Tumeesana Laagalee"
3.Raga - Bhinaa Shadja
Khayal Vilambit Teentaal"Odd Jaa Re Kaagaa"
Drut Teentaal"Anganaa More Aajaa"
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