Live in Hawaii: The Paliku Theatre, Kane’ohe, Hawaii (Music for Meditation and Healing) (Audio CD)

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His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidanada SwamijiAvadhoota Datta Peetham61 min 89 sec
About the CD

This album captures the unique Meditation and Healing Music Sounds rendered by His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji and his Celestial Message Troupe at the Paliku theatre, Kane’ohe, Hawaii. It was a HO’O KUPU (Gift – Heart To heart experience) for the people of Hawaii.

In this album, Sri Swamiji starts with Raga Rushyaketupriya invoking the Universal Musical Energies, followed by a song on Lord Ganapati, the elephant head Hindu God who removes all the obstacles in life. The formless attribute of this God is the Primordial Sound Omkara which is the source of all energy of the creation. The outstanding rendition ‘Nada Yoga Raga Sagara’ is a beautiful synthesis of four ragas containing unique nuances and meticulously selected ensemble of instruments. Filled with powerful sounds, this concert contains an extraordinary blend of stimulating and relaxing sounds. Sri Swamiji is a prolific composer with thousands of compositions in several languages. A special attraction of this album is a Hawaiian chant rendered by Sri Swamiji in His own style. This song is in praise of the AINA (land) of Hawaii and Mother Nature.

’ Mahalo! Happy listening


1.Pranabaswarupam – Raga Rushyaketupriya07:05
2.Namo Namo Ganapataye – Raga Dharmavati13:47
3.Nada Yoga Raga Sagara37:07
(Raga Pushpalatika, Raga Hamsanadam, Raga Hindola & Raga Chakravakam)
4.Song in Praise of Hawaii – Raga Kapi04:30
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