Maha Ganesha Timeless Blessings- Musical Ecstasy (Includes the blessed ‘Sindoor from Siddhivinayak Temple’) (Audio CD)

Item Code: IZZ100
Sonu NiigaamTimes music Spiritual(2008)
About the CD

Is there a more charismatic, dynamic and a lovable deity than Ganeha? Ganesha resides in the hearts of thousands of his worshippers, young and old not just in India but across the globe.

Maha Ganesha, is an expression of the omnipotence of Lord Ganesha through chaints, shlokas and stotras that extol the virtues of the elephantine lord of lords. Maha Ganesha is a fervent prayer to the divine benevolence of Lord Ganesha to shower his blessings and ensure security for his adoring followers. Maha Ganesha also seeks to evoke the supreme lord Ganesha for bringing about peace and Security in this world torn with hatred and evil.

Every thought needs an expression and what better way to accomplish this than through music. Music transcends all manmade barriers. Someone said ‘Music in the soul can be heard by the universe’. Maha Ganesha is the music for soul, the soul of an individual and the collective soul of the society at large across the world. Musically Maha Ganesha is set in contemporary global or ‘world’ sound while retaining the essence in the purest form Sanskrit. Maha Ganesha is n attempt to unite listeners worldwide.

Whether it is the sacred prayer for harmony in Sharanam Prapadye and a universal prayer for peace in Vishwashanti, calling upon the shield of Ganesha Vidmahe, bowing to the source of the universe and invoking Lord Ganesha in Mahamoolamantra and Ganeshasmaranam or Sukhakarta, Mha Ganesha is a musical journey to savour.

Sonu Niigaam in his mellifluous and timeless voice accentuates the divine thought that encompasses Maha Ganesha. A tribute of sorts to all powerful Lord Ganesha from arguably one the finest voices of all times.

Explore and enjoy the divine magic of Ganesha in Maha Ganesha ‘ A divine magic of Ganesha ‘A divine Musical experience’ in the voice of Sonu Niigaam.


1. Sharanam Prapadye – Sacred Prayer for harmony
2. Ganesh Kavach – The Shield of Ganesha
3. Ganeshaaya Vidmahe – Oneness with the Lord
4. Mahamoolmantra – The Beej Mantra for Meditation
5. Ganesha Smaranam – Invocation of maha Ganesha
6. Sukhakarta – Radiant Joy of the Ganesha Chant
7. Vishvashanti – Universal Prayer for Peace

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