Shanti: Music For Relief From Stress, Anxiety depression (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICZ005
Dr. Bharathi Saregama (2011)
About the CD

Chaitanya music for healthy living

A medically researched and developed music therapy (with dance therapy)

A common man in this modern society tries to cope up with stress by resorting to smoking, drinking sex or drugs. The pharmacies are stacked with large numbers of tranquiller and sedatives which sedate the pain centers but offer no real solution to the problem.

In music therapy we give tone that are consonant with one another or the tonic which are pleasant and restful. These melodies can bring about a balance at the pranayama manomaya and Vijanamaya (wisdom) sheaths thus achieving a perfectly harmonious state which will eliminate stress.

Raga Hamsadvani
Expresses happiness and heroism and is indicated for anxiety and depression.

Raga Mohanam
Brings about peace at the level of the solar plexus energy center and diminishes anger. Excessive anger can cause gastric ulcers. The eyebrow center can get depleted leading to eye problems.

Raga Kathanakuthuhalam
Has been rendered for dance Therapy which gives relief from stress.

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