Vedic Mantras (For Motherhood and Expectant Mother, Sanskrit) (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICG001
Super Audio (Chennai) (2004)
Vedic Mantras for Putra Prapti and Garbha Raksha
(Mantras for Motherhood and Expectant Mother)

Modern Scientists do accept the validity of the Mantra Therapy through experiments. Ancient Rishis no doubt knew this fact and hence, they made use of the Mantras for cuing diseases of both mind and physique. They could gauge the super-natural influence over the beings, caused by certain spiritual vibrations and they choose appropriate Mantras from the Vedas to achieve the effect they wanted.

Here are certain conventionally preached Mantras and Stotras, for those who are longing for children and also for the protection of the foetus. The repeated hearing of these Mantras and the female reproductive system. When, the expectant mother calmly hears these Mantras, the brain of the child in the womb is energized, and the strength of its physique improved and the mind, the spirit of the child purified and there by the quality of the gene improves. These Mantras help the easy delivery of the child too.

This compact disc contains twelve powerful and valuable Yajurvedic Anuvakas, Santhanagopala Gayathri Mantra and Sri Krishnaashtakam Stotra being directed and recited by Pro.R. Thiagarajan with his team Sr. P.S.Raghuraman, Sri.S.Chandramouli. Sri S.Sriraman and Sri.K.Karthick with the instrumental support by Selvi R. Tapana.

Super Audio (Madras) Pvt. Ltd. the producers of this programme delivers this bon granted by the almighty to all those who need it!

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