Wedding Songs of Punjab (Set of 2 Audio CDs)

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Madan Bala Sindhu Music Today (2006)116 Min.
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Wedding Songs of Punjab - Volume l & 2

Punjabi wedding songs are deeply intertwined with the lives of the people. They form an essential part of our collective memories, for we have all been to weddings as children and as adults and have heard and sung these songs over and over again in our own homes and those of the others. They are connected with our familiar and traditional customs. Some are born of ritual occasions and some belong to those evenings when people get together in a sangeet to sing of romantic meetings and the joy of love. Strongly rhythmic, with catchy melodies, these songs are sung even today. Their appeal has long crossed the borders of Punjab to gain popularity throughout India for it is not necessary to understand the language to enjoy their robustness and spontaneous sense of joy.

In volume 1, we begin with a fngo, which invites everyone in the village to awaken and join the wedding celebrations. There is a Sehra song, as well as songs from the sangeet, including the lively Sadke Sadke [aandiue and the humorous Ivuidnoranta Pacncha Ve. The volume ends in the rousing [ugni, [indua and Boliuan, all of which have lively percussion rhythms so that people can dance to them, especially the young friends of the bridegroom.

In volume 2, songs are traditionally associated with the bride. We begin with the shy bride hiding from her friends before the ceremonial rituals of the vottlina and Mchndi. Songs from the ladies' sangeet follow. Then come the Sithniuan, the good-humoured satirical verses about the groom's family, to which a riposte comes in the form of the Chhand, an equally humorous song sung by the bridegroom. Finally, the pain of separation is captured in the poignant Chidiuan On Chamba, sung as the bride leaves her family to go to her new home.

Volume 1
1Shava Veh Hun Jago03:10
Harvinder Bajwa and Chorus
2Poochdi Poochdi Malan05:16
Madan Bala Sindhu and Chorus
3Mathe Te Chamkan Vaal04:02
Madan Bala Sindhu and Chorus
4Nikki Nikki Boonde02:33
5Sadke Sadke Jaandiye06:49
Madan Bala Sindhu and Lalit Nagpal
6Madhorama Paencha Ve08:15
Madan Bala Sindhu and Chorus
7Latthe Di Chaadar06:20
Madan Bala sindhu and Chorus
Lalit Nagpal, Atmajit Jolly and Chorus
Lalit Nagpal, Atmajit Jolly and Chorus
Madan Bala Sindhu , Lalit Nagpal, Atmajit Jolly and Chorus
Volume 2
1Channan De Ohley Ohley03:12
2Sona Vatna Main Malna05:05
Tripat Kaur Dhillon and Chorus
3Mehndi Ne Mehndi04:32
4Phullan Di Bahar04:30
Harvinder Bajwa and Chorus
5Maye Ni Maye06:42
Madan Bala Sindhu
6Kattan Prita Nal Charkha Channan Da 05:10
Tripat Kaur Dhillon and Chorus
7Rasiya Nimbu Liye Deve06:48
Madan Bala Sindhu and Chorus
8Ambarsare Di04:16
Madan Bala Sindhu and Chorus
9Gora Gora Matha05:30
Madan Bala Sindhu and Chorus
Lalit Nagpal and Others
12Chidiyan Da Chamba05:20
Madan Bala Sindu and Chorus
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