Yajur Veda Blessing Ghana Patha: Mantras for all Occasions - Samhita and Ghanam (Set of 2 Audio CDs)

Item Code: IZZ999
Shri K. SureshLatha Audios, Chennai (2010)
From The Audio CD
Artist: Shri K. Suresh
Catlogue No: LA001/2
Format: Audio CD


1. For Invoking Spiritual Knowledge
2. For Protection
3. For Fulfillment of All Desires
4. For Delightful Acceptance of Sacred Offering
5. Blessing Children For Brilliance and Splendor
6. Invoking Brilliance, Power, Energy and Strength for Our Protection
7. For Attaining Prosperity, Wealth and Good Children
8. To Get Wisdom
9. For Good Health And Long Life
10. To Get Rain
11. To Get Rain
12. Blessing for Long life
13. Prayer to Pithrus for Granting wealth and Children
14. Praying Pithrus for our Welfare
15. Invoking Blessing From Pithru
16. Blessing For Intimacy Between Husband and Wife To Have Good Son
17. To Gain Power of Wisdom and Offspring
18. The Essence of Vedas The Gayatri Mantra
19. Invoking Goddess Saraswati for Mantra Granting Right Thought
20. Describing the Supreme Quality of Atman

21. Let all Your Wishes Come True
22. Blessing for Curing All Diseases and Ailments
23. Blessing for Success and To Regain the Lost
24. To Attain Victory Over Enemies Satru Jaya Mantra
25. Blessing for Well Being
26. Blessing for Getting Good Children and Wealth
27. To Attain Good Name and Fame
28. To Attain Prosperity
29. Blessing from Pithrus
30. Mantras From Ashwamedha Yogya for Prosperity
31. Mantras From Soma Yogya For Purification
32. Mantras From Soma Yogya to Get Brilliance
33. Blessing for Healthy and Long Life
34. Fulfillment of All Desire
35. Prayer for Yogashema

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