Capsule Pendant with Engravings and Turquoise Charm from Nepal

Capsule Pendant with Engravings and Turquoise Charm from Nepal

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This engravable pendant is elegant and captivating, showcases a capsule that shines extravagantly. An incredible complement to any fashion lover that is traced with a beautiful look. This marvelous pendant incites the style of your appearance with its alluring design. This Engravable Secret Capsule pendant is crafted with the cylindrical capsule and poised of the turquoise gemstone that is unblemished.


This secret message capsule pendant is a fashionable piece that is crafted expertly. Wear this unusual Engravable Secret Message Capsule Pendant to look alluring. Add this ornament to your jewelry collection with a mark of grace. This Engravable Secret Message Capsule Necklace is from Nepal. 

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Item Code: LCG21
Sterling Silver
1.3 inch Height, 1.4 inch width
9 gm

The necklace has a hollow cylinder that carries the holy mantra scripture. This jewel is an authentic product that is magnificent and constructs traditionally. This necklace can open easily and you can also fill this pendant with anything you want. The unique design will absolutely look gorgeous on you.


The turquoise stone that is implanted on this pendant has many powerful significant properties. This gemstone aligns all the chakras and balances the mood swings. This stone boosts self-realization and can also easily maintain the inner calm in the wearer. This brilliant gemstone can also cure depression and remove negativity. 

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