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Moonstone Flower Earrings with Faceted Ruby

Moonstone Flower Earrings with Faceted Ruby
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These beautiful earrings depict the six-petaled, Heartseed Vine flower native to India, decorated in stunning moonstone crystals and adorned with two, red arabesques of faceted rubies above their blossoms. The Heartseed Vine, also known as Balloonvine and Cardiospermum, produces dazzling spherical fruit of red, yellow and green along their branches, standing in stark contrast to the gentle, delicate white flowers which bloom at the vine’s end. Heartseed Vine has been used as a natural treatment in India for joint pain, arthritis and as a natural antioxidant.

Exotic India presents these dazzling earrings in Moonstone and Ruby due to the great properties which these two crystals hold. Moonstone has been in spiritual use for over 2,000 years in India to channel the mysterious qualities of the moon, specifically intuition, lucid dreams and the natural rhythms of Nature. Moonstone can be used by any individual wanting to dive into a deeper relationship with their own soul and learn what hidden secrets lie there waiting to be revealed. By contrast, Ruby, the queen of stones, and stone of kings, is a stone of passion, confidence, radiance, and fire. It excites the Muladhara, the base chakra, and can provide much needed energy to the body in many different forms. Together, Moonstone and Ruby produce complementary forces which balance each other, comprising equal parts feminine and masculine energy. Purchase our Moonstone Flower Earrings with Faceted Rubies now to experience an entirely unique and wondrous piece of jewelry.

Item Code: LCA08
Sterling Silver
1.7 inch Height
11.5 gms

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