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Valentine Ear-rings

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Valentine Ear-rings
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Lord Kamadeva is the Hindu god of love and human desire. He is also called Manmatha, or the churner of love. He is often portrayed with his other half, his consort Ratika. In art, his representations often depict him as a youthful and handsome man wielding a bow and arrow. The bow is traditionally seen as made of sugarcane and arrows are adorned with various kinds of flowers.

Like Lord Kamadeva's aesthetic use of the sugarcane and florals on his weapons of choice, this pair of Valentine Earrings are great symbols of love. Kamadeva could have been portrayed using traditionally plain armament but his images persisted up to this day to be always present with elegance and pleasing elements—just like this Valentine Earrings decked in diamond cuts and an obsidian-colored gem. The heart is a universal symbol of love. Because of the shape of this earring, it makes a great gift to wife or partner during special occasions. The prized stones are set in silver and it can greatly add a sophisticated touch to any ensemble. The shiny details and precious material make it a great addition to eveningwear. Likewise, the black color of the stone and its strategic tri-part design in the middle make this Valentine Earrings a good choice to pair with everyday casual or corporate outfits.

While Valentine's Day is often considered an injection from the west, its iconography of hearts, cupids, and other signs of affection finds similarities with the elements representing Lord Kamadeva. Stories portray Kamadeva as the god whose help Parvati sought to capture the love of and seduce Shiva. Lord Kamadeva's arrow shot Shiva while on meditation which enraged and led him to incinerate the former. Shiva later agrees to let him live as an embodiment of love and lust in the cosmos.

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Silver Ear Rings
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