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Ardhanrishvara In Eclectic Colours

Ardhanrishvara In Eclectic Colours
The handsome, omnipotent Shiva fuses into the beauteous, compassionate Parvati. His dusky blue skin contrasts sharply with Her rich olive complexion. His hair is gathered in a bun atop the head, whereas Hers cascades down her back all the way to the skirts of Her dress. He is clad in a tigerskin loincloth, the face of Lord Bhairava (wrathful form of Shiva) etched on to the same. Her colourful attire and bejewelled adornments are in keeping with her status as the ruling deity over paraloka (superior realm of existence).

A striking Madhubani composition that captures the essence of the Ardhanarishvara. Ardhanrishvara, which translates to half-woman lord, is the name given to the matter and energy confluence that causes the world as we know it (drshyam). It is a potent union, visually represented by the singular figure of half-Shiva-half-Parvati. In the painting that you see on this page, there is differentiation between the figures from the neck above.

A skewed silhouette, filled in with solid vibrant pastels. The background is the most eclectic aspect of this composition. The red and yellow dupatta of Devi Parvati forms a gracious aureole behind them both. The various implements in the hands of Ardhanarishvara blend into the background, adding to the riot of colours and motifs therein. This is a complex folk art number that would turn heads and start conversations no matter where in your home or office you choose to install it.

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Item Code: DP54
Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
20.50 inch X 28.00 inch

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