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An Audio-Visual Experience

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An Audio-Visual Experience
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Item Code: OP74
Oil on Canvas
1.5 ft x 1.8 ft
The painting that we see here is akin to photo-realism.

Portrayal of action and events take a back seat. What is of interest instead is the revelation and interplay of human personalities. So convincingly alive is the singer in action; there being an element of frozen moment. Her resemblance to Subbalakshmi, the singer of yore is uncanny. The artist is a scrupulous observer of human features and at the same time concerned with technical perfection. Transported to a different world as she sings, eyes closed, she seems to be in a trance, unaware of anything around her. Expressionism defines itself so well in this portrait. The upturned head, the open mouth, the expression of concentration nearly makes you hear the song, making it an audio-visual experience. The aging singer looks graceful with the silver tints in her hair. The flat, rather stubby nose is punctuated with nose pins and the earlobes hold small earrings.

The artist, with his great form sensibility and colour-space orchestration, has sublimated this painting into a significant work of art.

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