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Avatars of Vishnu

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Avatars of Vishnu
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Orissa's Paata Painting
Artist Rabi Behera
Water Color on Patti
42.5" x 12.0"
A study of Vishnu's incarnations show that some of these forms are cosmic in character, while some are obviously based on historical events.

On a horizontal panel, a niche is dedicated to each of the ten avatars of Vishnu. The first two avatars, the matsya (fish) & the Kurma (tortoise) are strongly linked to water symbolism. Mythology recounts the tale of the fish who saved the world from terrible floods and the tortoise who churned up the ocean and revealed the divine nectar. The Varaha and the Narasimha (boar and half lion-half man respectively) incarnations represent the absorption of local cult deities into the Hindu pantheon. The four next avatars, the dwarf, Rama in two incarnations and Krishna are more frequently represented in epic narrative. The final two avatars, Buddha and Kalki demonstrate Hindu absorption of later religious movements.

The artist unhesitatingly uses a plethora of colours, making sure that they do not clash. He has also given the painting multiple borders.

This description by Renu Rana.

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