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Jagannath-Balarama-Subhadra Clad In Ivory Garments

Jagannath-Balarama-Subhadra Clad In Ivory Garments

Lord Jagannath is an abstract, fluid deity. He is widely considered to be a representation of Lord Krishna Himself, while in some subcultures (Shaiva and Shakta traditions) He is a tantric roopa (form) of Lord Bhairava. He is part of a triad that comprises Balarama and Subhadra, who are His siblings. As could be seen in the painting on this page, the iconography is exceedingly basic - Jagannath-Balarama-Subhadra are little more than vividly decorated stumps of neem wood, that also minimally, with makeshift limbs of wood and rudimentary cephalic features.

A composite pedestal accommodates all three deities of the triad. It is engraved with densely packed lotus petals, of a glassy blue-gray charcoal colour. Jagannath-Balarama-Subhadra stand upon it, against a black night-sky strewn with bright white flowers. Their respective forms are a shining ivory colour with overtones of gold. The same is overlain with streams of rube-red silk, the upper garment of Devi Subhadra in the centre being more fitted around Her feminine form. While Lord Balarama and Devi Subhadra have shapely, orange-coloured cephalic structures with white and gold mukhamandala, respectively, Lord Jagannath has an angular head and a characteristic dusky face.

Temple-like structures frame the three central figures. Their bright colours and perfectly symmetrical architecture add to the vibrant aesthetics of the composition. Featuring a deep green-coloured frame, such a colourful pattachitra of regionally worshipped deities would be a signature addition to your Indian folk art collection.

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Item Code: PZ02
Water Color Painting on Patti Folk Art From The Temple Town Puri (Orissa)
Artist: Rabi Behera
18.3 inches x 12.3 inches

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