Bani Thani

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 Bani-Thani- the bedecked woman, is a gift of the Kishangarh school of art to the rest of the art world. With her characteristic bewitchingly elongated eyes, sharp facial features, and tasteful Indian attire that frames her moon-like face, miniature paintings of Bani Thani are seen as the celebration of female beauty and the Rasa (emotive juice) in Indian aesthetics. Marvelously captured by Kailash Raj in this watercolor painting, Bani Thani brings with her the pleasures of beholding the beautiful. 

Item Code: PAA568
Artist: Kailash Raj
Dimensions 12.00 inch Height X 9.00 inch Width

Framed within a muted cream border and black background, the fair-skinned Bani Thani glows like the full moon. Drawn in the traditional manner of Kishangarh School, only one side of her face is visible in this painting, although it is enough to convey the exquisiteness of her youth. She is draped in a translucent chunni (scarf), embellished with glittering golden motifs and a blue blouse that highlights the contours of her form tastefully. Her ornaments fashioned in traditional Rajput style, are made out of pearls, jewels, and gold and add a regal touch to the painting. Bani-Thani’s long tresses are visible from underneath her scarf and in pleasing curls on her cheek, her splendidly arched eyebrows, enchanting eyes, and perfected nose and lips are painted in keeping with the traditional vocabulary of Kishangarh paintings. Proudly holding a section of her saffron scarf, Bani-Thani sits leisurely, supported by a large red masnad (cushion), the epitome of beauty and its sweetness.

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