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Batuk Bhairava Yantram

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Batuk Bhairava Yantram
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In the Shiva Purana, Bhairava has been celebrated as Shiva incarnate. In North India where the deity is very popular He is considered to be a part of Vishnu Himself. His is a Shaiva yantra of no mean potential, said to be the ideal complement to hard work in order to yield good business results. A single-step bhupura (sacred enclosure) is followed by an ashta-dala padma (eight-petalled lotus) and commingling of triangles. The single layer of the straight curves that constitute the enclosure indicates the absolute primordial principle. The three angles of each of the trikonas in this yantra stand for the three realms of existence. The six smaller protruding triangles constitute the svadhisthana chakra. The eight petals of the lotus surrounding the triangles are symbolic of the privilege of motherhood. The chants to reap the maximum benefit from the Batuk Bhairava Yantram is, "Om hareeng, butkaya aapaduddharanay kuru kuru butkaya hareeng, Om swaha".
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Lord Bhairav is the one who destroys obstacles. If after many tries also your work is not getting results then Bhairav Yantra should be worshipped. With the blessings of Lord Bhairav, all types of obstacles get removed and the work gets completed peacefully.

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