Bound in Heart, Mind, Body and Soul

Bound in Heart, Mind, Body and Soul

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Oil on Canvas
3.0 ft x 4.0 ft
Radha and Krishna are the theme of much of the medieval and later mystico-erotic poetry and cults in India. They represent spiritual dawn in the garb of erotic, physical love. The beautiful, lyrical poems of Jayadeva's Gita-Govinda have inspired a series of paintings.

The shadowed sky in the background, the picturesque foreground could or could not exist for the lovers who are lost in their own reverie. Krishna is adorned with shining gold ornaments, glistening pearls and a garland of wild flowers. He wears a yellow lower garment with a purple waist sash and a peach coloured shoulder cloth. His beloved looks bewitching in a rich purple ghagra and odhini with a red choli. The jewellery she wears pale in comparison to the God gifted beauty. She holds one end of the flute, the other end of which is held by Krishna. She thus prods him to play it. But it is a half-hearted request, or so say the expression on their faces.

The theme of Radha Krishna is oft represented but what makes this painting stand apart is the expression of longing and desire which the artist has portrayed so well. They seem bonded in heart, mind, body and soul.

This description by Kiranjyot.

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