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Bridal Disarray (Raja Ravi Verma Reproduction, Framed)

Bridal Disarray (Raja Ravi Verma Reproduction, Framed)
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Full figures, flawless skin, and luscious hair, Raja Ravi Verma's women are strong and sensuous. This reproduction of a signature oil by the modern maestro is the unabashed, almost brazen, portrayal of a bride fresh from her bath. The same could be gleaned from her dense black locks sticking together because of the moisture and the fact that she is undressed. She had not even had the chance to put on her sindoor, when someone - probably her husband - had untimely walked in. Caught by surprise, she had scrambled for her saree laid out on the bed, but got her hands on his dhoti right next to it and drawn it over her torso to shield herself from his gaze.

It is a very delicate moment between husband and wife. She is clearly not succeeding in her pure, womanly endeavour given the translucence of the fabric. Her beauty, despite the nakedness, lies within the sacred precinct of her husband's singular presence, whose gaze she returns helplessly, almost pleadingly. Her skin is a roseate fair, the the dull gold of her ornaments almost blending in with her complexion. The soft, rounded features of her face make for a beauty that pleases as opposed to one that pleasures, that is inspiring and not intimidating. The dark green of the background brings out the subject, and the disarray she is in, with perfection.

Item Code: OV34
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
28 inch X 41 inch (Without Frame)
35.5 inch X 47 (With Frame)

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