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Composure Personified

Composure Personified
Item Code: MH22
Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
6.5" X 9.0"
The art of portraiture was a gift of the Mughal School. Coupled with local traditions, it developed a new idiom. It was not only the kings and the princes who had their portraits painted, the chieftains and the dignitaries also insisted on it.

A Rajput chief poses for the painter who captures the regalia in profile. The lean look of the Mughal royals is missing, replaced by ample body mass. He wears a calf-length jama, together with tight pyjamas in a contrasting colour. The jama is tied at the waist with a band that fans out in front. His turban is small, decorated with a 'sarpech' and a 'kalgi'. Besides strands of pearls, weapons decorate the valiant warrior. A sword, shield and a dagger are held close to his body and he crosses his hands on a sheathed lance. The weapons seem mere decorations as the fire associated with a warrior is not present either in the posture or the face. The features are not extraordinary, but the gentleness on his face is quite appealing, reflecting a composed attitude.

The olive green background is made attractive by the presence of a flowering tree, a few plants in the foreground and a sky in the far horizon.

This description by Renu Rana.

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