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Court Musicians

Court Musicians
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The canvas is coloured in a hue of gleaming golden that blends with the fine paper to exhibit the fabulous scene of a royal music night as a group of four musicians are encapsulated to entertain the lot. The oldest of the musicians is depicted with a wrinkled face, an aquiline nose and a Garibaldi beard that hangs down his greyish downturned lips as he wears a crème white silk jama, going along with his beige turban while he plays a wooden mandolin with a bow. He is accompanied by a dusty almond coloured man with a plump countenance that is adorned with a snub nose and wide eyes which compliment his full lips and a ducktail beard that follows. His wide round eyes focus the spectator as he strikes bongo drums, wearing his aesthetic peach silk choga dress and an unkempt achromatic neutral turban that hangs down his untamed hair.

The white velvet carpet supports the presence of two more weak identical looking beings, one of whom sings with his sunken eyes that combine with his downturned eyebrows and grim lips, decorating his pale face with lifeless features while he wears a golden tinted plain achkan, whereas, his duo is comparatively much darker and is portrayed through a messy look with his uncombed hair that peeks out of his white turban, going along with his handlebar moustache and a splendid combination of creamy jama and peshwas, as he plays the triangular psaltery which rests over a velvet golden black valuable cloth embellished with a glittery kiran gota.

Their backdrop is blessed with an ancient white cement balustrade commended with embossed archetypal pillars that enhance the background beauty. A lovely scene of noble leisure is frozen in this time capsule painting that attracts the art lovers who are in search of blended watercolour masterpieces.

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Item Code: MI75
Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
13.0 inches X 10.0 inches

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