The Desperate Passion (Bundi School)

The Desperate Passion (Bundi School)

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Whether being attractive or erotic or attractive, Mughal art reigns over all possibilities in the world of illustrations. In this painting, Kailash Raj has worked his magic again by capturing a painting from the Bundi school which pictures a topless lass as she reclines over an iris purple divan that is imprinted with gorgeous golden patterns. She wears a baggy dhoti like skirt tightened with a white drawstring that is beautifully pleated thus revealing her henna colored feet which are festooned in golden bangles and beady bracelets, extending to reveal an elegant flower. Her neck is enhanced with a layered pearl opera that rest over her bare breasts. Her charcoal black curly hair beautifies her golden imprinted bangles that couple up with her aesthetic armlets. Her face is adorned with a sleek Greek nose and wide round eyes as her almond complexion is contrasted with her thin red painted lips and soft arched eyebrows. Her forehead is garlanded with a circular beady maang tikka and her splendid ears protrude with lovely pearl drop earrings as she holds a red and green tinted hukka with her mesmerizing style. She is surrounded by gold water vessels and cups that are complimented with symmetrically amazing steel blue balustrades and a dusty white background. Two splendidly carved doves fly over the open sky as a black sphere dominates the sky with a yellow aureole that surrounds it.

The beautiful lass is accompanied by another lady who greets her as she bows down in the Namaste style. This lass appears to be much more mesmerizing than the one whose lying. Her countenance is etched with mesmerizing eyes and straight eyebrows that contrast her thin red lips and her charcoal black lock of hair that rests over her side burn. Her Greek nose compliments her ivory complexion as she shringhars herself with the same jewelry as the other woman except for pearl anklets and an aesthetic hand panja. Her silk royal blue dupatta imprinted with vertical golden lines fails to cover her bare breasts as she contrasts the tasseled dupatta with a long red and golden hued long skirt.

This painting turns out to be the perfect match for those who love intimate artistry and even turns out to couple with your house walls thus attracting you with its bewitching beauty.

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Watercolor Painting On Paper Artist: Kailash Raj
5.7 inch x 8.5 inch
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