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Dhapli player

Dhapli player
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A light complexioned, plump faced man rests a white and blue decorated dhaphli over his face as his thin fingers support it over his shoulder. Curled sideburns contrast with his thin, twisted eyebrows and his thick eyelashes veil over his vibrant, grey lenses. His lower face is enveloped in a brown, long, unkempt beard as shown in the painting. It dates back to the Mughal period showing him as a court musician.

His white cotton pagri lays over his head with a thin strand that drapes over his other shoulder failing to cover his lengthy, black, wavy hair. His hand is adorned with a unique, gold bangle and He wears a simply embroidered, tangerine colored, cotton choga, with a tree-green waistband that tightens him up and a brown-beaded Mala hanging from his neck. A long, light purple angavastram drops from his other shoulder. In this painting, this musician carries a lightly embroidered bright orange satchel as well as a medium needleworked, dark purple, dumpling shaped satchel.

This musician is lost in his own music and tunes as his eyes beautifully drape over as they are intoxicated with the luscious music that mixes in his ears to produce the most beautiful rhythms he has ever heard, melting his heart and that of others through this beautiful painting.

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Item Code: SF14
Miniature Painting On Paper
3.6" x 6.3"

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