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Divine Buddha

Divine Buddha
Buddha is widely known as the founder of Buddhism. He is not a god but he is widely looked up to as the Enlightened One. He is also called Siddhattha Gautama, his given name before being called the Buddha. He was a philosopher, a mendicant, and a teacher whose main focus on his philosophy centered on dukkha (suffering) at the end of which is Nirvana.

This painting of the Divine Buddha is done in batik fashion on cotton. He is depicted in a sitting Lotus Pose position with hands up in blessing. He appears to be sitting on a platform adorned with a lotus, an important flower in Buddhist iconography thanks to it being pure despite living in murky water. The Buddha is also painted wearing a red robe, whose color is associated with compassion. He is also seen with a halo with flower details all surrounding his head. This halo signals the Buddha’s holiness and enlightenment.

Buddha’s right hand is also raised in an Abhaya mudra position for reassurance or blessing, while his left hand forms a circle with the index finger and the thumb signaling the Wheel of the Law. Buddhism usually uses symbolism in their art, and it is only after the death of the Buddha where anthropomorphic depictions such as this painting of the Buddha became more common.

Item Code: BG67
Batik Painting On Cotton
31 inch x 42 inch

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