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Bitone Brtya Ganesha

Bitone Brtya Ganesha

A soothing bitone composition. Lord Ganesha performs a nrtya (dance) on a lotus bloom pedestal. His stance is exactly that of the Nataraja - the left leg bent at the knee and raised in the air, the anterior hands in the selfsame mudra. Indeed, He is the son of Lord Shiva Himself, whose cosmic roopa (form) is the Nataraja. The damroo in His posterior right hand and the tilaka at the base of His trunk are indicative of His Shaivite parentage.

A gorgeously embroidered dhoti and angavastram, the hems of which float about His chubby dancing figure. His snow-white complexion glimmers in contrast to the jewel blue colour of the inside of His elephant ears and the studded crown on His head. His head is turned to a side, revealing to full view a singularly gorgeous eyes with dense black lashes. The trunk He raises high up in the air, straight above the weapon He carries in His posterior left hand.

The pedestal that Lord Ganesha is on stands on a floor with chequered tiles. The background is a solid black colour, indicative of the infinite all-encompassing paraloka (otherworldly realm). Temple-like structures frame the central dancing figure. The architecture is in perfect symmetry despite the complexity of style, much like the temples of the region of Orissa. Finally, a charcoal-coloured frame dotted with repetitive white motifs.

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Item Code: PY95
Water Color Painting on Patti Folk Art From The Temple Town Puri (Orissa)
Artist: Rabi Behera
12.5 inches x 18.4 inches

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