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An Episode from the Mahabharata

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An Episode from the Mahabharata
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Oil on Canvas
2.8 ft x 3.7 ft
Fifteen years passed since the death of his sons, when old Dhritrashtra found himself unable to bear the burden grief any longer. He wanted to retire to the forests and spend the remainder of his life there. Accompanied by his devoted wife Gandhari, he spent three years of peace in the forests. One day, there was fire in the forest, which slowly enveloping the hermitage. Dhritrashtra knew it was time to leave the body and travel further on. He sat down in his hermitage, facing eastwards in yogic posture and calmly gave himself up to the flames. Thus ended the life of the elder son of Vichitravirya and Ambika, born blind.

Having chosen oil as his medium of expression, the artist has successfully translated a moving scene on a static two dimensional surface. The tranquillity of the forest in the background is in total contrast to the fiery fire in which old Dhritrashtra immolates himself. He uses wide and long brush strokes for the fire in different hues of yellow and orange; for the trees around, he uses dabs of colour, slowly blending them with small strokes.

This description by Kiranjyot.

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