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Evening Revelry In The Maharashtrian Hinterland

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Evening Revelry In The Maharashtrian Hinterland
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Warli-style paintings are a highly distinguished form of folk art. While most Indian folk arts are characterised by fabric canvases treated in complex solutions and pigments of a rich colour palette, Warli art is done on rough-hewn cotton fabric with a simple white paste that is organic in nature. Also, the themes are drawn from social life in the rural hinterlands of Maharashtra, as opposed to devotional images. The painting you see on this page is of a gay evening filled with much socialising and revelry.

The geometrically filled out stick-figures in the centre are arranged in a long, swirling curve. At its heart is a trumpeteer, whose instrument has been painted with remarkable attention to detail given the scale. The arrangement is flanked by a hut and a wild plant in full bloom. Starting from the woman sitting at her threshold to the surrounding revellers, each villager is caught amidst a primitive song-and-dance routine. The presence of wild fowl makes the rural setting complete - a rooster afore the hut and a peacock atop the foliage.

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Warli Painting On Cotton Fabric
Folk Art of the Warli Tribe (Maharashtra)
Artist: Nathu Sutar
16.2 inch X 7.7 inch
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