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Ganesha Dancing Against Moon

Ganesha Dancing Against Moon
Ganesha is the god of new beginnings. He is also known as Remover of Obstacles. Because of these, many believers pray to him and ask him for blessing before undertaking major life decisions or changes. His elephant head and association with the moon is perhaps one of the most known associations with Lord Ganesha, as evident in this thangka. A closer look at this piece shows Lord Ganesha in his iconic form, with an elephant head, rounded belly, and four hands. Legends say that he hurled his other tusk to the moon when the latter laughed at him after he lost footing and spilled his gut’s content. Zoom in on his elephant head and you’ll see a third eye (each of his three eyes represent sun, moon, and fire) and the Tripunda, the sacred mark of Shiva, his father. In this piece, he is also seen dancing, instead of the usual seated or standing position.

On one hand, he holds a noose (for Raga or attachment). Another hand holds an ax (symbol for anger or Krodha and the act of protecting others from bad thoughts). He also holds his broken tusk. Then another hand is in the Abhaya mudra (blessing of protection) while another is in Varada mudra (for granting boons). His trunk can be seen to be trained on the sweets he has on the hand in the Varada mudra. Another ever-present icon in the mouse by his foot, which is a symbol of Ganesha being able to overcome big or small obstacles. He also has a snake on his body to symbolize the snake he grabbed and used to tie around his belly when his gut was spilled. In this thangka, Lord Ganesha is in a standing position on a lotus platform. To come full circle with his association with the celestial body, he is drawn with the moon and the dark sky and stars for his backdrop. Pink lotus flowers are also seen on the side which symbolize him being a high deity as the pink flowers are reserved for major deities in the pantheon. The blue lotus near his head is also a sign of wisdom.

Item Code: TL85
Tibetan Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface 11 inch X 13 inch
Size with Brocade 21 inch X 33 inch

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