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Ganesha Playing Mridang

Ganesha Playing Mridang

Rabi Behera in his watercolor artwork pictures the fun loving and creative angle of lord Ganesha, where he is seen as playing a mridang with his hands and feet dancing to the tunes that arouse from that instrument. A Pattachitra art is a traditional folklore form Orissa, identified by its mythological themes, creative designs and major usage of red, yellow, indigo, black and white colors. The colors of a Pattachitra painting are derived from vegetables and minerals, which makes the paintings look different and eye-catchy than others. As in this Ganesha painting, the painter has used a blend of just white, orange and black color, keeping the figurine in an empty white shade, highlighted by orange and forming the patterns from black.

Chaturbhujadhari is garbed in a flamboyant dhoti, loaded with horizontal patterns and a stole tattooed in creative motifs. Ganesha’s luxurious jewels and the long-stylized crown, inspired by flower patterns is symbolic of his kingly and divine phenomenon. He holds a bunch of lotus flowers in his trunk and the rear hands carry a laddoo and noose respectively. The side face of lord Ganesha depicts him being immersed in the joyful and musical environment created by the soothing vibes from mridang. The black background enhances every color and design that the artist has used, giving it a sharp yet peaceful view.

The border of paisleys and flowers fills the emptiness of the painting and beautifully complements with the entire theme of patterns. Every minutest detail is done with clarity and deepness, hence making its value reach the sky. Having this musical Ganesha Pattachitra on any dark wall will accentuate the beauty of the entire room; its sole presence is enough to decorate your wall at its best.

Item Code: PZ14
Orissa's Paata PaintingWater Color on Tussar Silk
Rabi Behera
12 inch X 18 inch

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