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The Gaze Of Mother Kali

The Gaze Of Mother Kali
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When one thinks of Devi Kali, a wrathful image occurs in the mind's eye. Inky black skin, flaming tresses, a bloodthirsty stance. She vanquishes adharm like no other deity of the Hindu pantheon, and looks the part. In this oil painting, however, we see a different side of Kali Mata. Dusky and dashabhujadhari (ten-armed) indeed, She is dressed here like the peaceful Hindu devis, which is quite unlike Her given the nakedness that is associated with Her fearsome iconography. Her form is clad in an abundance of statement gold jewellery, including the sturdy hands that wield all those weapons. This roopa of the Kali Mata exudes a balance between calm and wrath like no other work of art.

The cool blue of Her skin, as well as the blue of the background, is set off by the huge flame that is Her halo. From beneath the crown comes a gaze that could only be described as sthirasnigdha (Sanskrit word used to convey stability and calm), despite the signature determination and ferocity that one cannot overlook. Her form, including that cascade of black tresses and the rest of Her beauteous features, is divine and maternal. Her gaze is directed at the devotee, like the mother's to Her child - that gaze will shield the dharmee from adharm, and burn down the adharm in the adharmee. This unusual Kali Devi oil is proof that the svaroopa of the Mother lies primarily in Her eyes.

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Item Code: OV91
Mixed Media
Artist: Shiva Gil
18.7 inch Width X 28.2 inch Height - Painted Area
26 inch x 35 inch - With Frame

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