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Goddess Saraswati Attracted by the Cosmic Rays of Sun

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Goddess Saraswati Attracted by the Cosmic Rays of Sun
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Maa Saraswati is the most beautiful goddess in the entire Hindu pantheon; she is the repository of knowledge which is why she is also worshipped as ‘Mother of Vedas’. This oil painting depicts the goddess postured in her extreme elegance and grace on a sun pedestal. She is so much attracted by the brilliance of Sun God that she seems to be dissolved in the bright and divine rays of the sun forming the background of this art. She is an embodiment of knowledge, art, science and wisdom. The name ‘Saraswati’ means ‘elegance’ and ‘flowing’ representing the river of consciousness that enlivens creation.

She is adorned in a gracious ankle length frilled dhoti of pearl white hue and a designer red blouse that matches with the royal red kamarband embellished by a gold jewel waist belt; the garbs embrace the beauty of her sun kissed yellow-gold plumage. She is the wife of the creator (Lord Brahma) and it is opined that when Saraswati sits on the tip of the tongue, that speech is fulfilled. She is laden with charming stone studded gold all over her body and a traditional styled gold crown glorified on her head.

Chaturbhuja plays a beautifully painted Veena having ends of Hamsa, symbolizing harmony and intellect. The left anterior hand is postured down in a subtle mudra and right posterior hand holds the divine book of Vedas. The peacock (her sacred vahana) behind the goddess’ legs has its feathers painted in amazing realistic strokes and two similar feathers accessorizing her long curly hair along with the large flower at the back. The opaque aureole formed by the divine white light enlightens her purity and a cosmic aura.

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Oil Painting on Canvas
23 inch x 36 inch
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