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The Gracious Mandala Of The Buddha Ratnasambhava

The Gracious Mandala Of The Buddha Ratnasambhava
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The mandala is of especial significance in eastern religion and spiritual culture. Geometrically speaking, it is a closed curve that represents the micro- and macro-cosm and serves as a visualisation aid. In Vajrayana Buddhism, each deity comes with their own unique mandala. In traditional works of art such as the thangka that you see on this page, it is seen to emerge from the deity poised at the centre of the composition. It is a skilfully executed painting featuring an expressive colour palette and soothing silhouettes across the silk canvas.

The Buddha Ratnasambhava is one of the five aspects, the Tathagata, that make up the Enlightened One. He is seated at the very centre of the mandala, a resplendent sapphire gathered in His lap. He is clad in robes of red and gold, His halo a deep aquamarine colour. Each aspect of the mandala that surrounds Him - the lines and colours, the motifs and shapes merging and unmerging against each other - bear untold significance in association with Ratnasambhava.

Below the Lord Ratnasambhava mandala is a verdant snatch of the lower Himalayan landscape. Above it is a sky composed of varying shades and tints of blue and delicate wisps of coloured clouds. Together with the Vajrayana deities around the mandala and the mythical creatures on the frame of the painting, these are the common elements of Nepal’s thangka tradition.

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Tibetan Thangka Painting
Size - 21.7 inch X 27 inch

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