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Krishna, The Butter Thief

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Krishna, The Butter Thief
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Item Code: PE90
Orissa's Paata Painting
Water Color on Tussar Silk
Artist Rabi Behera
12.0" x 18.0"
Yashoda's son is exceptionally lovable, naughty and mischievous. He is fond of butter, so fond that he does not hesitate in stealing it from the earthen pots of cowherdesses of Vraja. The cowherdesses are quite tired of the children, led by Krishna, who steal milk and butter, so they hang their pots very high. And did it deter Krishna from stealing it? He plots and plans with Balarama, Sudama and others. They stack up some stools, one atop the others shoulders, Krishna on the pinnacle. He tilts the pot and the children partake on the butter.

This vertical composition is very interesting. Having placed one boy on top of the other, the artist has balanced the arrangement with two boys standing on either side. He has also raised the prominence of this composition by placing them all in a niche, thereby making it more compact and effective. The pillars of the niche are donned with red and yellow and within the warmth of these colours, he places the boys with different body colours each.

This description by Kiranjyot.

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