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Lady from Ajanta

Lady from Ajanta
Item Code: BB29
Batik Painting On Cotton
20.0 inch x 34.0 inch

The Ajanta murals are a picture of harmony between the ethos of theme and the means by which the ethos has been expressed. Borrowing the depictions and forms from Ajanta, the batik master craftsmen have developed wonderful works of art.

Despondently leaning against the pillar, the woman has anxiety writ large on her face. This semi-nude figure suggests that she belongs to the yakshi-genre. The sensuous figure with heavy hips, a slender waist and a sumptuous bust confirms to the traditional standard of beauty which is enhanced by her expression of disquietude. The figure displays a delicate sense of modeling and is an excellent specimen of female beauty conceived by the artist of the classical period and portrayed superbly on fabric by dyeing and waxing and dyeing again. To be able to be compared favorably to the technique, the composition and color co-ordination had to be perfect too. Keeping that in mind, hers is the charm of the refined body, supplying emotional bias to the composition. Her activity is poignant as well as invitingly eye-catching. Nimble and sensitive fingers as if indicative of her thoughts match perfectly with the rest of her movement and blend in the direction and glance of her eyes, made easy by the elegant bend of her head.

Lighter color for the subject in the foreground against a background of darker colors prove a magical conception. Various hues of the same color has been enough to infuse life into this enchanting figure of a woman with a plate and stylus in hand.

This description by Renu Rana.

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