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A Marriage Procession

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A Marriage Procession
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Orissa's Paata Painting on Tussar Silk
Artist Rabi Behera
42.0" x 14.0"
Tradition traces the origin of pata paintings at Puri to the 11th Century when the Jagannath cult was established. If it is a world and myths and gods, it is also a world of folk imagination.

A ceremonial procession is in progress with two grand palanquins carrying the married couple. In most Indian traditions, marriage involves several ceremonies and festivities, at the end of which the bridegroom takes the bride home, loaded with gifts. This panel shows a part of the above festivities. Four men each carry the palanquins, with those playing the music leading it. Musical instruments like the drum and trumpet are accompanied by the sound of the conch, heralding auspices. Behind the palanquin of the bride are a couple of men carrying the gifts received. All in all, it is a joyous picture depicting a rite of passage.

Special characteristics of this painting are the clear cut and bold linear designs and its colour presentation. The trees in the background are painted slender and willowy and each leaf and flower is separately drawn. The sporadic clouds are painted blue with bold white outlining.

This description by Kiranjyot.

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