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Midnight at the Lotus Pond

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Midnight at the Lotus Pond
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Indian artists have always believed in carrying meaning through their art. In the Indian culture, the lotus flower is regarded as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. In this painting, the artist has encapsulated a lotus in the face of a shy belle who is displayed in a tanned golden complexion with bulging cast down eyes that are guarded by fading eyebrows and complimented with a thick snub nose and glossy downturned lips. Her long charcoal black hair is elegantly parted in the middle as it turns into a lovely bun.

The lass envelops herself in a fandango pink colored silk cloth that is bordered with spectacular golden thick gotas. Despite her covering, her neck and arms remain unclothed, revealing her gold armlets and bangles. A lush green creeper grows around her body twisting in thin twirls around her mien. She is accompanied with matching real lotus flowers that grow by her feet which rest on a large green leaf that floats on the surface of water.

Surrounded by weeds and lush green trees the background is enhanced with a dark and gloomy look that is differentiated by a bright yet yellow toned moon which lights up the sky with an aureole of light that surrounds it. The purity and sanctity of this painting not only make it a meaningful but an artistic wonder for the spectators and art lovers too, thus, turning out to be a perfect ornamental match for decorating their homes.

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Oil Painting on Canvas
36 inch X 60 inch
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