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The Modern Man

The Modern Man
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Saurabh Bharara is one of the best contemporary Indian artists who is known for his works in abstract and surrealism art. In this painting, Saurabh has roughened the canvas to give it a worn out look. He has shaded this entire piece in a black background with thin sprinkles of white paint that gives it a sparkling look. He has encapsulated one of the trending art styles of the hidden art as with his smart brush strokes he has etched a young man carving his lovely features with thin lines.

The man is mainly painted with a dim yellow painted that beautifully blends in with the white, orange, red and black shades that settle on the canvas. He is illustrated with a pompadour hairstyle that compliments his thin almond shaped eyes which go along with his sleek aquiline nose and down turned lips that set over his diamond shaped face. He is illustrated to wear a dusty collared shirt that is coupled with a yellow tinted ascot that protrudes over his neck.

The backdrop of the painting is filled with exotic and vibrantly tinted rectangular boxes that are hued in combined colors which represent modernly carved windows that compliment this contemporary man. The outstanding expertise with the fantabulously placed brush strokes makes this painting one of the best and most awestriking decoration pieces that are worth buying as they take your renovation to an entire next level.

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Item Code: OT04
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Saurabh Bharara
18.0 inch X 14.0 inch

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