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A Newlywed Bride Performing a Ritual

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A Newlywed Bride Performing a Ritual
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Madhubani paintings are unique art pieces that originated from Mithila in the Bihar region. It is known for using nonconventional tools in their paintings such as twigs, sticks, or even their very hand. The dyes used also contain natural pigment from sources in the environment such as flowers and plants. Like this painting, other Madhubani paintings are painted on handcrafted paper. The subjects of these paintings usually depict sights form nature, religious ceremonies, and of course, life celebrations.

This Madhubani piece showcases a scene from a ritual performed by a newlywed bride. Indian weddings are packed with pre- and post- celebrations. Several women are pictured attending to the bride as she performs a ritual. The painting depicts several elements that can be seen in Mithila wedding art such as a palanquin (which is usually used to carrya bride to the Gauna ritual).The sun also shines brightly on a corner, colored brightly with rays of yellow, red, and blue, giving his blessings to the festivity below. This painting of a wedding ritual also fully showcases Madhubani art’s hallmark of filling each space on the paper with details and color. From the great detail of the clothes to the detail-packed backdrop, this painting jumps to life with a vibrancy that matches the festive occasion.

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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
Artist: Bacchi Devi
29 inch X 21.5 inch
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