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Portrait of A Missionary

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Portrait of A Missionary
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Kailash Raj has worked his magic again with this valuable piece of art. In this painting, he portrays a middle-aged man with a horseshoe hairline that reveals his vast bald spot, enclosed by his tawny brown hair. His countenance is etched with monolid eyes and thick straight eyebrows which compliment his long snubby nose and down turned lips. A lengthy French fork beard is drawn over the plump face of the missionary as he wears an Egyptian blue and buttoned toga like gown that is fastened at his waist by a snakeskin textured silver belt. The geezer is adorned with a candy apple colored cape that hangs over his dress with a lapel pin brooch that connects over to his tiny prince Nez spectacles which he holds in his hand. His neck is enhanced with a pleated white inner that contrasts his gingerbread high length boots and tanned hands.

The entire painting is bordered in a lovely syrup brown rectangular frame that is imprinted with gorgeous golden motifs, highlighted with the Maya blue hued sky, filled with soaring birds. A lush green acacia tree hangs down over its shamrock painted trunk, contoured by a less voluminous teal tinged tree that illuminates like an aureole, circling around the missionary's head. Grey river water seeps over the bright green grass as the growing weeds protect the two golden tinted books, one of them splits open as the wind blow while his charcoal black cloche hat rests on the grassy ground. The artist elegantly captures lovely silhouettes in the background who are accompanied by an equally excellent illustration of crème white buildings that extend to give out a look of wide domes.

This painting shows the selflessness in the life of a missionary who gives up all his worldly desires in order to earn closeness to God and to help others follow this path too. It is the perfect wall hanging, being the best reminder of our sole and primitive purpose on the face of the Earth.

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Item Code: MJ55
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
6.0 inch X 9.5 inch
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