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Portrait of Shahjahan

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Portrait of Shahjahan
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Miniature Painting On Paper
Artist Navneet Parikh
7.0" x 11.0"
Few dynasties in history equal the Mughals in the enlightened, discerning patronage of the arts. Mughal painting is academic, dramatic, objective and eclectic and more importantly an art of portraiture.

The style strikes one as being strong, self assured, wholly comfortable in its iconic use of types and convention. The figure face in profile and the body in three quarter profile - is drawn firmly and with clarity. That royalty was treated as divine is portrayed here by the halo around the head. A jama of opaque fabric gathers at the waist, held in place by a patka, and then falls till the calves; a tight pyjama completing the attire. Shahjahan wears a turban decorated with a string of gems and a large plume. Necklaces, bracelets, rings form part of his ornaments. A small dagger can be noticed, discreetly tucked under his belt. The pose is of blatant display of the jewellery piece the 'sarpech' or the aigerette, his one hand holding it delicately and the other directing the viewers attention towards it.

The background is deep green with a few non-descript flowers sprayed at random, straying from the thin horizontal depiction of the sky and definative vegetation.

The inscription identifies the figure as Shahjahan.

This description by Renu Rana.

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