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The Princess

The Princess
Item Code: MC44
Stone Color painting on Paper
Artist Umashankar Sharma
7.8" X 11.5"
With a last flash of brilliance, Mughal miniature painting began to decline. There came a period of mechanical fusion where Persian, Indian and European influences were evident but fortunately, the artists succeeded in harmoniously combining all these various elements. The subject matter was largely Indian with their ornamental sense and graceful rendering of figures showing Persian influence and it was from Europe that the artists learned harmony of composition and technique of pictorial illusion.

This elegant portrait of an impeccable lady is that of a royal courtesan. It displays the transitory period from Mughal to local schools of art. The drawing of the figure is technically masterful with extraordinary attention paid to several details like the floral pattern on the carpet, the burning flames in the lamps behind and the stone studded jewelry with which the woman is laden with. It is not action and energy that animate this painting but subtlety of perception and delectation of style. There is a lavish display of pleasurable tastes evident by the wine casket on the window sill, the gold cage of the bird and a precious collar around the cat's neck. The furniture is reminiscent of the Mughal period, with the lion head edge and the foot shaped like its paw.

This painting is a visual delight of vibrant greens, yellows and reds. The colors are intense in hue and opulent in effect. But one is affected not only by color and line but by personality as well. Seated on a straight backed red and gold chair, caressing her hair and looking wistful, all manifest her romantic feelings.

Actions and events are important, but what is novel is the revelation and interplay of human personalities. What makes this work stand out is the well-defined form, dramatic visual impact, brilliant colors and the fact that the artist investigates precisely into human individuality.

This description by Renu Rana.

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