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Professing Their Love (A Pair of Portraits)

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Professing Their Love (A Pair of Portraits)
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Item Code: HD76
Water Color On Old Paper
6.0" x 4.0"
The rulers of Kishangarh were dedicated to Pushtimarga', the path of pleasure, an off shoot of the Krishna Vaishnava cult, hence numerous Krishna lila paintings. The Kishangarh school of painting is an easily identifiable style due to its typical facial features.

The graceful figures of Radha & Krishna, with their dignified poise, are set apart by the artist. Shown in profile, they stand facing each other, with a circular halo behind their heads. Krishna is dressed in the garb of a prince wearing a jama, tied on the left; a shoulder cloth hangs down his right shoulder. The turban is ornamented with various jewellery pieces; numerous strands of pearls hand down his neck. Sharp, clear line delineates his sharp features. Radha is portrayed with a slightly elongated face, arched eyebrows, lotus-like eyes tinged with pink, a sharp nose, thin sensitive lips and a pointed chin. Her face is delicate and refined, more like that of a courtesan than of a naïve cowherdess that was Radha. Her neck is decorated with necklaces of pearls and precious stones. She is draped in transparent odhini which greatly enhances her charm. Radha and Krishna offer lotus flowers to each other professing their love – the former shyly with bent head and the latter confidently looking at his lady love.

This description by Renu Rana.

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