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The Quiet Banks Of The Dihang

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The Quiet Banks Of The Dihang
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A simple, soothing snatch of imagery, straight from the recesses of rural Assam. A long wide roll of homegrown cotton cloth has been imbued with a life of its own. The wide silvery Dihang makes its way through the evergreen forests and, through the artist’s imagination, emerges on to a glade. A semblance of boats is to be seen in the foreground. Its banks, defined by pristine boulders, are strewn with an unassuming settlement of huts and fields.

Unassuming, because the village depicted in this painting is a moderately developed spot. The huts have thatched roofs and whitewashed walls. The lush fields afore those homes are cultivated, and the sloping banks leading to the river betray an irrigation system in place. Despite the minimalism of the scenery (note how there are no human or animal figures to be seen), it is a lifelike depiction of an idyllic spot, which is very difficult to achieve with the batik technique.

Such a technique comprises of sectional waxing and dyeing of the canvas, leading to a highly characteristic finish. The same could be spotted in abundance on the dense treetops and the spidery trunks they belong to. Above the clearing is an azure sky, which is reflected in the river flowing in the painting. Should you gaze at it long enough, you could almost hear the sound of the limpid waters coursing through.

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Item Code: BM83
Batik Painting On Cotton
54 inches x 20 inches
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