Radha in His Arms

Radha in His Arms

Item Code: WC71
Water Color On Cotton
1.7 ft x 2.5 ft
The beautiful, lyrical poems of Jayadeva's Gitagovinda have inspired a whole genre of paintings. This painting deals with love in all its fullness, yet there is a sense of unrevealed spiritual truth. The portraits are of a full-bodied man and woman who delight in passionate love but we feel the glimpse of the unearthly, even in the midst of their physical ecstasy.

The figures, clasped in a tight embrace, have an outstanding grace and beauty. The emotions that they are feeling are so intense that they reach out to the viewers as well. The moonlit night, the calmly flowing water, the blooming flowers and the laden tree under which the couple stands are a witness to their unbridled passion. With their arms entwined around each other and their lips on the verge of union, their eyes bespeak a language. Dressed in rich clothes and jewellery, the blue-bodied Krishna and the fair complexioned Radha are the embodiment of erotic love.

The ostentatious colours of the protagonists are in sharp contrast to the sublime background in subtle shades of mauve and pink. The colours of nature blend into each other without any sharp chromatic division, whereas the colours of human forms and attires stand apart in contrast to each other. A harmonious blend of cool and warm colours.

This description by Kiranjyot.

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