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Divine Lovers Besotted By A Peacock

Divine Lovers Besotted By A Peacock

Lord Krishna, in a moment of amorous playfulness, has handed over the flute to His beloved Radha. Lovingly He puts an arm around Her as She tries to play it. With the other hand He fondles the richly coloured breast of a peacock, whose gorgeous plumage has hypnotised them both. The ample blue, red, and yellow of its tail occupies a major part of the canvas surface area. The attire and shringar (adornment) of the divine lovers are no less - the flowing lehenga of scarlet with a peach-coloured dupatta, the striking peacock feather wedged into His thick black mane making for a sharp contrast. Besotted as they are by the natural glamour of the peacock, the bird itself is indifferent to them; in fact, it has turned its head in the opposite direction, its gaze fixed on a bright red fruit hanging from the tree above.

The dense canopy of the tree occupies the upper third of the surface area of the canvas. A slender, dark-coloured shoot pervades the vibrant green. The vegetation in the back is a deep scarlet colour, while the ground beneath the feet of Radha-Krishna is overlain with pink-skinned fruits. The jewel tones of the background complement the lifelike innocence teeming in the eyes of the figures in the foreground, both of which are characteristic features of an authentic Madhubani painting.

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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper, Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
Artist: Bachchi Devi
20.5 inch x 28.5 inch

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