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Raga Kumbha

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Raga Kumbha
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Item Code: HD30
Miniature Painting On Paper
Artist Kailash Raj
Kangra School
6.0" x 9.0"
Sri Raga has eight sons, and one of them is Raga Kumbha. Kumbha means a pitcher filled with water, which is regarded as an auspicious omen. A young lady is pulling a pitcher out of the well. A young soldier clad in a yellow choga, with his head covered with a white apron, obviously thirsty, approaches the well and draws her attention. The village well is the meeting place of lovers. This painting reminds one of the folk song from the Kangra Valley in which the accidental meeting of a husband and wife at a well is described. The soldier, after his marriage to a young girl, had been away on service for many years. On his return he pays a visit to his father-in-law's village to fetch his wife. He meets a young woman at a well and asks her for a draught of water. When he tries to be intimate and pays compliments to her beauty, she feels annoyed and severely rebukes him. When she returns home, her mother asks her to put on ornaments and her best clothes, for her husband had come. She dresses up and goes to meet him and discovers that he was the same person who met her at the well. He reminds her of the harsh words she spoke to him at the well. A reconciliation soon follows and they live happily afterwards as husband and wife.

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