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Samarpita – The Heroine Devoted to Her Love

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Samarpita – The Heroine Devoted to Her Love
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Item Code: MH20
Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
6.3" X 9.0"
Different cultures in India clashed, co-existed and ultimately enriched each other, as was also the case with Indian art. Mughal art contributed to the already existing schools to lend perfection to them.

A nayika in profile stands against a solitary flowering tree. The single tree also tells of her loneliness as she waits for her lover to come. She holds a lotus in hand to present it to him symbolizing the purity of her love as much as that of a lotus that blooms in slush but yet is pure. In the other hand she holds a fan that is symbolic of her subservience in love. Such a heroine is called 'samarpita,' the word 'samarpit' denoting total devotion.

She is dressed in all her finery – the ghagra, choli and a diaphanous odhini. She decorates her body with beautiful ornaments. But above all, it is the expression on the face, with its arched eyebrows, elongated eyes and a smile lightening up the areas of the mouth that gives her entire being a quiet, gentle, a mildly provocative air.

The sky in the far distance is a blend of pleasing colors, with birds flying in neat rows. The foreground has a variety of small flowering plants to give the impression of 'terra firma'.

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