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The Semi-Divine, Exotic Vision of Beauty

The Semi-Divine, Exotic Vision of Beauty
Item Code: MH27
Watercolor on Paper
4.5" X 7.0"
Nearly all art forms take delight in projecting women as an exotic vision of beauty. Down the ages, women have been the face of exquisite paintings and sculptures. Mughals in their miniature art form have continued with their quest for the beautiful.

In this miniature of subtle colours the artist has played up the sensuality and fullness of the woman's body. The face in full profile and the body in three-quarter profile capture the grace of the sitter. The lady wears an elaborately designed turban over her flowing tresses. Her sharply arched eyebrows and the fish shaped eyes are far too idealistic. The nose is big and straight followed by small pouting lips. Her jewellery is exquisite worth a detailed description: the stone studded earrings have chains attached to them that run into the hair; the earrings themselves having various levels, reach the neck. The necklaces start from the base of the neck falling down her well-endowed breasts. The diaphanous upper garment reveals her body in a most exotic way. Her limbs are delicate and the painted hands hold white lotus flowers. There is sensuality in the bending of the full-bloomed flowers down the dainty stems.

The artist has limited his palette to soft tones. Just a hue of green forms an aura around her, lending a semi-divine quality.

This description by Renu Rana.

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