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Shiva-Parvati On The Back Of A Beauteous Nandi

Shiva-Parvati On The Back Of A Beauteous Nandi
Kalamkari painting of Andhra Pradesh is arguably the most complex of Indian folk arts. This is both in terms of technique and treatment, as could be gleaned from this handpicked kalamkari from Srikalahasthi. No less than seventeen steps precede the finished work, which includes preparing the fabric canvas (cotton, in this case), making the dyes from vegetable-based sources, and putting together the richly layered lines that define the composition.

The painting depicts the Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati in their togetherness, seated on the back of their beloved bull, Nandi. From the richly embroidered dhotis they are wearing to the intricate shringar starting from the crown downwards, it all betrays a breathtakingly keen attention to detail. Zooming in on each aspect of the painting would enable you to appreciate the dexterity with which the pen has been wielded by the artist. In fact, the word ‘kalamkari’ means penmanship, wherein the ‘pen’ is a rudimentary instrument fashioned from a sturdy twig.

The beauty and shringar of Nandi in this composition is matchless. The long, tattooed tail; jewels descending from His underbelly; and the ornaments surrounding the lifelike eye exposed to view. A vast halo-aureole encompasses both the figures on His back. A uniform pattern of zigzag lines and curves frames the composition.

Item Code: DO98
Kalamkari Painting on Cotton
Artist - D. Lakshmamma
32 inches X 48 inches
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