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The Solemn Banjara Sisters (Framed)

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The Solemn Banjara Sisters (Framed)
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There is something about the banjara's idea of life that survives despite its being counter-intuitive. A sense of home is so fundamental to our psyche that the nomadic way of life appears to us to be an impracticability, albeit a romantic one to some of us. For the banjaras, life is neither romantic nor impracticable; it is simply what it is. Their livelihood is in itinerant trade which range from gorgeous handicrafts to fortune-telling, which would barely count as survival in our books but suffices their purpose - enough for them to have lived this way for years, without desiring what lies in abundance around them. The oil painting you see on this page depicts a pair of banjara sisters. Their self-contained composures of countenance convey that these peoples tend to be reserved with us outsiders.

They are dressed in their traditional attires and jewellery. Lots of colours and natural motifs on their fitted cholies that they've probably worn with ghagras of similar make, and brightly coloured dupattas that are either hand-me-downs from or made by their mother. They are wearing lots of silver jewellery, chunky and studded with semi-precious stones. They have no makeup on except the thick soot that lines their smouldering eyes beneath beauteous, unkempt brows. Having lived their lives out in the arid Northwest, their complexions have taken on an inimitable desert-like quality. The dark background, probably one of the mud walls of their temporary dwelling, adds to the solemnity of the composition.

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Item Code: OT41
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
31 inch X 33.5 inch
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