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Solo musician

Solo musician
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A lovely sketch with an eye-catching moment seizes the heart of the onlooker with the fine artistry. The painting exhibits a round plump faced man with an aquiline nose and cinereal grey lensed big eyes that compliment his curved S-shaped eyebrows and thin wavy sideburns. His face is etched with droopy eye bags and deep furrow lines along with his thin down turned amaranth silvery lips that peek through his coiled French fork beard.

His dusky black hair is enveloped in a sooty cotton fabriced Saurashtra turban as he is appareled in a floral imprinted warm achromatic neutral Mughal jama, while he holds the rectangular stringed koto as his delicate fingers tug the strings producing lovely melody. A magical motif satchel droops down his shoulder, emblazoned in bewitching motifs with a lovely bow twitched strap as a layered black beaded opera drapes over his chest. The pictured man sits on the grass as he is accompanied by an amber painted dhaphli.

The illustration encapsulates the fun of exploring oneself and being alone, enjoying one's own music, not that of others. It emblazons the idea of self worth and negates any complexes. It is a perfect match for those who love their own serenity and peace, making it a must buy for them.

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Item Code: SF16
Miniature Painting On Paper
3.8 x 6.0

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